• 30 scandalous commercials of United colors of Benetton

    In the early 90s of last century United colors of Benetton began talking about existing conflicts based on social stereotypes and taboos. In their campaigns the Italian brand shows life as it is. That is why they are always so astonishing and remarkable.

  • 37 shocking social ads

    Social advertising aims to educate and motivate the audience, to encourage them accept, modify or abandon certain attitudes, behaviors. Besides innovation, creativity, professionalism …, social advertising requires incorporation of much thought into the message. That is why we present to you 37 unbelievable social ads that may shock you, but will make you seriously consider what is …

  • Chupa Chups like fireworks

    A very nice ad campaign by Chupa Chups under the slogan: “Chupa Chups with fizzy powder”. Created by Miami Ad School.  

  • Chlormint: Bad Breath, Not Any More

    Can you image what you would do if a person with really bad breath starts talking to you? Take a look at the creative ads bellow and you will find out how you would probably react.